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Supplying and installing fake grass in Toorak

There are many advantages of using synthetic grass on your lawn, tennis court and on many other surfaces. The most obvious benefit is the lowered maintenance costs. Fake turf won’t require constant watering or mowing, making it a very easy to care for solution for your yard or sports grounds. Unlike natural turf, artificial lawns won’t have to be treated with pesticides or fertilizers, ensuring you, your children or sports team won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals. 

A synthetic lawn is also more durable than a natural one, which means it can be used or played on more frequently and it minimises the risk of injuries for sports teams, as it won’t get damaged as easily or turn into a slippery, muddy mess on rainy days. Synthetic grass is also the ideal solution for Australian lawns as it doesn’t need to be watered and can save gallons
of water every year. 

If you are ready to make the change from natural to artificial grass, choose the artificial turf supplier Toorak and all Melbourne clients trust. At Absolute Synthetic Turf we don’t just supply you with high quality products we can also install the turf for you.
From cricket pitch to tennis court construction, we have the know-how, experience and equipment required to get the
job done right. 

Are you curious about the wide range of products we have to offer, then why not give us a call now? Our friendly staff members
are always happy to discuss your specific needs and answer any queries you may have.


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