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Do you want to install a long lasting, durable and pesticide free lawn? Then artificial turf is the ideal solution for you. Whether it is for a landscaping lawn, a tennis court, golf green or a multi-sports area, at Absolute Turf we have the ideal product to suit your needs too. As one of the most trusted supplier of synthetic grass in Portsea and across Melbourne, we offer our clients only high quality products and always tailor solutions to suit your unique requirements.

Our team of professionals can also handle the entire installation process for you and we also offer cricket pitch, golf green and tennis court construction services. Our speciality is constructing golf greens and sports grounds that perform just like a natural surface, with the added benefit of minimising maintenance costs, injury risks and water usage. When it comes to artificial turf installation, we always offer meticulous attention to every detail and ensure that all aspects of the construction process are
carried out properly and to the highest standards.

For all the DIY enthusiasts, we also offer easy to follow installation instructions, DVDs, accessory items and continuous
customer support. We always provide our clients with excellent materials and unrivalled customer service.

If you want to know more about what we have to offer or would like to discuss your specific fake grass needs with one of our
friendly and experienced staff members, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.


DIY Synthetic Turf has never been this easy. Enter Absolute Synthetic Turf DIY and learn all about it

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