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Synthetic Lawns - Landscape Lawns

Our Landscape range of synthetic lawns factor a variety of design elements to ensure maximum performance over a broad cross section of applications. Something not known or forgotten when selecting a synthetic grass is what the area is going to be used for. Functions like: Kids play area, low traffic lawn, pool surround, dog run & quick spruce up before selling will have an impact on the type of lawn that best suits your requirement.

Our ‘living’ range of landscape lawns covers all major applications and looks fantastic!

Absolute Lawn Elite Plus Landscape Lawns


Absolute Lawn Bliss Synthetic Lawns


Absolute Lawn Desire artificial Lawns


Absolute Lawn Lush Fake Lawns

Our synthetic lawn range provide a purpose built solution for the full spectrum of usage needs – sporting, cross functional, purely aesthetic, play areas and so on. See the online PDF’s to establish which product will best suit your need.

DIY Synthetic Turf has never been this easy. Enter Absolute Synthetic Turf DIY and learn all about it

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