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Absolute Synthetic Turf also specialize in items such as soft fall supply and installation, drainage cell supply and installation for synthetic grass areas over solid bases, and all accessory items for the installation process including infill, joining tapes and glues and machinery.

Absolute Drainage Boy:
Synthetic grass laid over solid bases (concrete / tiles) with limited drainage points are doomed to fail. This scenario inevitably creates pooling of water and build up of moss which over a short period of time damages your product beyond repair. Our drainage boy is a cell laid over the firm base with the synthetic grass to be laid over the top. Instead of water building up under the grass, the drainage boy channels the water to a drainage point. Your grass is left to do the job it was laid for… To look fantastic.


Soft Fall::
AST provide a range of soft fall options to suit the backyard, childcare centre, school or playground requirement. The type and depth of soft fall required is primarily related to the free fall heights associated with the play equipment feel free to call us to discuss your soft fall requirement.

DIY Synthetic Turf has never been this easy. Enter Absolute Synthetic Turf DIY and learn all about it

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