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Terms and Conditions


Refund and returns policy

Absolute Synthetic Turf a manufacturers warranty to the customer passed on Direct from the manufacturer. This is a 7 year manufacturers warranty across all Absolute Synthetic Turf.


Absolute Synthetic Turf do not facilitate returns on goods. In the event of a customer being unhappy with the goods purchased, it is advised that they call our customer help line on 1300 318 102. Whilst no refund is offered, Absolute synthetic turf provide substitute material on faulty goods subject to the manufacturer warranty guidelines.


Delivery terms: On retrieval of order AST will contact the customers phone number provided. During this time, an agreed timeframe will be established for delivery of the goods. It is required that the customer be, or have someone on-hand to remove goods upon delivery during the timeframe agreed on. Failure to have someone on-hand to remove the goods will result in a secondary retrieval charge.


In accepting these conditions, you – the purchaser wave any fault and liability of Absolute Synthetic Turf from any damage, injury, financial damages caused by injury and loss of income that may occur when removing the goods from the courier service and agree that Absolute Synthetic Turf will not be held legally responsible or liable for any damage, injury, financial hardship caused by injury and loss of income incurred as a result of the unloading process.


Time frames for delivery from retrieval of the digital order is 3 – 6 business days (Vic Metro), 5 – 10 business days (areas outside vic metro within Australia)


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