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Welcome to Absolute Synthetic Turf DIY/Purchase

Absolute Synthetic Turf’s foundation in the supply and installation of high quality Australian made synthetic turf complements our facilitation of the full scale DIY solution.


We recognise that there is a large portion of the community committed to Creating their own dream. Our turf, installation instructions, installation DVD, accessory items and customer support provides our customers with unrivalled knowledge, material diversity and quality, accessory items and equipment for best practice synthetic turf installation.


Absolute Synthetic turf are also proud to present the living range of landscape materials, designed to be adored and built to last. This is living!


Absolute Drainage Boy:
21.00 per sqm

Synthetic grass laid over solid bases (concrete / tiles) with limited drainage points are doomed to fail. This scenario inevitably creates pooling of water and build up of moss which over a short period of time damages your product beyond repair. Our drainage boy is a cell laid over the firm base with the synthetic grass to be laid over the top. Instead of water building up under the grass, the drainage boy channels the water to a drainage point. Your grass is left to do the job it was laid for… To look fantastic.

Flushing Meadows:
18.50 per sqm

A quality Australian made product that has been used for a number of years on all residential tennis court applications. A sand in filled product that will give true bounce and play like the real thing. Comes in green, terracotta & blue.

Availability:All States & Territories
Absolute Hockey :
32.00 per sqm + GST

Base model of Hockey turf that can be used in club standard competitions. Please ask us for our professional standard hockey turf, 3 varieties will play wet and dry.

Availability:All States & Territories
Aussie Oasis :
26.50 per sqm + GST

Luxury high grade quality synthetic turf. This product has primarily been used in school projects and multi dwelling residential. Ideal Use in luxury residential and commercial projects.

County Test Cricket :
31.00 per sqm

County Test Cricket is an ideal surface for the school wickets, youth cricket clubs, private cricket pitches. Made in Australia, County provides a consistent bounce performance.

Availability:All States & Territories
Jack Nicklass :
30.50 per sqm

Jack Nicklass is a A Grade standard synthetic turf. This product is great for practicing for the real thing reacts like a real course. Please ask for our Jack Nicklass Pro Grade which will react if chipped onto from a distance.

Availability:All States & Territories
Palmetto Cooch Turf :
27.50 per sqm + GST

Another quality absolute product, ideal for feature areas as well as full commercial and residential applications. A great feature in schools and daycares.

Royal Seabreeze :
26.95 per sqm

A Premium 30mm / 40mm turf that is used in luxury landscaping areas. Royal Seabreeze 30mm /40synthetic turf is a very natural fresh looking product providing great durability with comfort using state of the art Ploythylene multi-filament yarn.IDEAL USE FOR RESIDENTIAL & SCHOOL PLAYGROUND LANDSCAPE ENVIRONMENTS

Availability:All States & Territories
Absolute lawn desire :
27.50 per sqm + GST

For the lawn that will cop some wear and tear but still needs to retain the aesthetic brilliance. Lush, dense and real, ‘Desire’ is a great fit for the multi-purpose synthetic lawn. Looks great, functionally can be accessed and retain it’s aesthetic brilliance without letting you down

Absolute lawn Elite Plus :
33.50 per sqm + GST

Ideal for the lawn area exposed to plenty of traffic. Contains a double root system and a triple yarn design with maximum resistance to collapsing under pressure, whilst retaining its appearance as one of the most realistic synthetic grass products you’ll ever see. Perfect for the play area the kids have been dreaming of

Absolute Lawn Bliss :
25.90 per sqm + GST

A fine blade two tone singular yarn offering ultra consistency. Perfect for the low traffic lawn, ‘Bliss’ is the synthetic grass that is ideal for the area you just want to go out, put your feet up with a good book and enjoy

Absolute Lawn Lush :
33.50 per sqm + GST

incorporates the latest in synthetic grass technology to deliver a magnificent blend of aesthetic realism with a strong technical backbone. The twin yarn system offers greater strength than most synthetic grass products whilst incorporating the colours of the earth into the design. The result is a true multi-purpose lawn delivering the goods in the key areas of looks, strength, durability and ease of DIY application

Absolute play green :
34.00 per sqm + GST

Built with aesthetics and functionality in mind, Play Green offers something for everyone. Chip off the fringe onto the reactive, low maintenance putting surface, enjoy your own personal mini golf course with friends or spend some time working on your stroke. Not the least, add a magnificent feature to your property which will have the gang coming back for more.

Absolute Wimbeldon ACE :
20.00 per sqm + GST

The ultimate in backyard entertaining. The tight knit pile and maximum stitch rate offer performance that is out of this world. A simple transformation of an old dusty court into a magnificent sporting epicentre in your own backyard. Comes with pre-tufted lines for minimum installation effort.

Absolute Cricket Pro:
33.50 per sqm + GST

Our non-filled cricket pitches enable consistent ball response with minimal ball scuffing and damage. Lay it in your backyard, school or cricket club get ready to throw down some short stuff!

Multi Sports:
21.50 per sqm + GST

With similar infill designs to the tennis courts, our multi-sports projects facilitate tennis, hockey, basketball, netball, football, volleyball, cricket and more. Schools and big backyards are never the same after experiencing this sporting epicentre at your own doorstep. Choose your line markings to create a truly multi-purpose sporting venue or club grade hockey field

Natural Seasons:
29.50 per sqm

Natural Seasons has out classed all turf products sold in 2012 it has been such a popular product it has been used in 2 recent school projects being Mango Hill and Bremer State High QLD. This turf is ideal in heavy traffic commercial and residential areas. Can also be used as a feature turf for those specific areas.

Availability:All States & Territories
Venice Green:
33.50 per sqm

This multi-colour lush green product will provide great durability with comfort using state of the art Polyethylene multi-filament yarn. The UV protected turf will stand up to harsh weather conditions and allow for a hassle free lawn which does not require mowing or watering.IDEAL USE FOR UNIQUE RESIDENTIAL FEATURE AREAS

School Design 19mm:
18.00 per sqm

School Design 19mm turf is your base grade turf for schools and childcares, a sand in filled product that is long waring and stands up to the rigours of children running and crawling all over it. A product designed especially for the playgrounds and back yard for all those play areas. Comes in a range of colours.

Availability:All States & Territories

DIY Synthetic Turf has never been this easy. Enter Absolute Synthetic Turf DIY and learn all about it

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