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Synthetic Grass Installation Guide


When we say ‘this is living’ we mean it. There’s no better way of living it up than getting out there and enjoying the fruits of your own labour. As long as you’ve got the will, we’ll provide the know-how. Laying synthetic turf is not rocket science, it just requires a bit of a push in the right direction. Here are 5 easy steps to laying synthetic grass. If you have further questions on doing it yourself, give us a buzz. We’re glad to help.

Prepare base.

Dig out existing soil to depth of 100mm below finished grass height. Once excavated, install edging – standard Jarrah garden edgins is fine, on any any un-edged area of your lawn.




Lay Turf.
Note before you cut or begin laying any pieces, be aware that all synthetic turf has a grain (direction the grass runs). Be sure to lay all pieces in the same direction, as it is visibly noticeable if the pieces are running different ways.

Measure your area and establish what size pieces you require. Most turf will come in 3.7m widths.


Don’t get left short. Overhang each edge with approximately 50 – 100mm of turf and cut the turf back to marry up with the edge. To do this, simply fold the turf back and run a Stanley knife through the backing where the backing meets the edge. Do this in approximately 100mm length cuts at a time so as to ensure you don’t make a cutting error.


Once this is done, If your area only requires one piece of turf, nail up the edges – 1 nail per 150mm and move on to step 3


If your turf requires multiple pieces, again, measure what size piece you require and repeat cut in process.


In joining the two pieces together, use one edge (of turf) as the reference point and cut the other piece into the reference point edge. Do this by folding back the edge of the piece of turf you are going to cut, then, make your cut so it perfectly marries up with the edge of the reference point.


If you are laying 2 pieces side by side, simply cut the side tape of each section 1 x row of stitching in and push the backing edge of each piece together.

Wherever 2 pieces of turf meet, use your joining tape. Firstly, fold back the 2 x edges of turf. Cut the joining tape to the length of the join and nail to the base where you’ve folded the join back.


Apply outdoor adhesive to joining tap using trowel or other flat object. Apply generously. Carefully fold both sides of turf back and gently place them onto the joining tape being careful not to get any glue on the grass.



Brushing and infill.

Brush turf using stiff bristle broom to brush yarn so it stands upright.


Spread sand evenly approximately 1 x bag every 2 x sqm. Again use stiff bristle broom against the grain to spread sand evenly.


Spread rubber evenly approximately 1 x bag every 6 x sqm. Again use stiff bristle broom against the grain, to evenly distribute rubber and brush yarn upright.


Job Done...
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