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Absolute Synthetic Turf supply and install quality synthetic lawns the right way. No shortcuts! Proper excavation depths, proper base preparation, proper laying methods & proper infill ratio’s.

The service is provided in a timely, friendly & cost effective manner providing customers with an unbeatable fake grass package. Our clients end up the envy of their neighbours, competing tennis clubs, and surrounding schools.

We have a fundamental philosophy during the installation process of recognising:


  • The importance of proper excavation depths for synthetic grass base works,
  • Appropriate depths of rock bases when considering the variety of synthetic grass types and uses,
  • The amount and type of use the synthetic grass will receive,
  • The attention to detail required in laying the artificial turf and, minimisation of the appearance of joins in the finished product,
  • The importance of proper adhesion of the synthetic grass to the base at the edges and at the joins minimising the long term risk of damage to the material.
  • The fact that many synthetic turf material warranties are void should the specified infill ratio’s not be applied
  • The importance of delivering the result that you requested. If you want a lawn for your kids that looks fantastic and wears well, we’ll deliver a synthetic turf solution that fits this requirement. If you require a life like putting green that performs better than your local golf green, that is what you’ll get from Absolute Synthetic Turf.

Our installation teams contain vast experience in landscaping, carpet laying and most importantly, synthetic grass installation.


DIY Synthetic Turf has never been this easy. Enter Absolute Synthetic Turf DIY and learn all about it

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