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How much turf do I need to purchase?

Synthetic turf rolls come in broadloom meters, primarily 3.7m wide. Whilst the roll lengths can be cut to size, the widths are do not vary. Below are a few handy tips when considering purchasing your own synthetic grass.

If you are constructing your own area, the simplest and most cost effective way is to make one set of edges 3.6m wide. This will give you enough room to play whilst allowing for minimal wastage.


Keep your lawn areas as uniform as possible. Large sweeping curves can result in wastage.


Order slightly more. If the length of your lawn is 10 x broadloom meters, order approximately 10.5m. This gives you enough movement at either end to get it right and will offer you a small off-cut that you could use if you make an error.


If you have a narrow area, you can cut the turf down the middle to double the middle to create 2 x long narrow sections.


Measure twice. Be sure that you’ve got your measurements right the first time before you place your order.


Measure from the longest points. If you have an off-square shape, you need to measure the distance between the longest two points. The turf comes cut with equal sides. (we don’t tailor cut the turf on angles). A common trap can be someone measuring the short side of an off-size shape and being left short.


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