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Q. How long will my synthetic lawn last?

A. The average industry life expectancy is 15 – 20 years

Q. Will Absolute Synthetic Grass drain?

A. Yes. Our grass is designed with drainage capabilities, which enable water to filter through.

Q. Where is Absolute’s grass made?

A. Our materials are sourced and manufactured in Australia. Currently there are many inferior imported products, which don’t have the same performance capabilities. Be sure to research any material thoroughly prior to your purchase.

Q. How long does an installation take.

A. We work off approximately 1 day per 30sqm. This is a rough estimation and may vary depending on how much excavation is involved.

Q. What ongoing maintenance is required.

A. Once installed, be sure to use a blower to get rid of loose leaves and sticks that may fall on the area. With a golf green you may need to call us every couple of years to perform a free roll of your green if undulations caused by movement appear.

Q. Does the material offer any hazards to children?

A. Our turf is safe for kids to play on. It qualifies as an accredited soft fall alternative making it ideal for child play areas, and schools.

Q. What colours does the grass come in.

A. We produce a range of colours including green, white, red, blue and yellow.


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